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    My Values are and what I Believe in
    To Inspire, To Serve, Integrity, Courageous, Effective Communication, Creativity, Innovative and Intuitive but also Realistic.

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  • Business Consulting

    For all your Business and Marketing Solutions.

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  • Coaching and Mentoring

    Coaching and Mentoring will not only help you to reach your Goals but it will help identify strengths and weaknesses which will help you grow. Personal growth is necessary to move forward.

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  • Team Building vs Team Bonding

    Invest in your Team and promote your organisations productivity.

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Whatever your goal may be, you can achieve it!

Your Goalfriend® Business Consulting

Inspire and Encourage

Regular monthly meetings with Your Goalfriend® Achievers subscription group, a group of like-minded people will keep you encouraged and inspired. By collaborating regularly with each other, we also help each other grow in our journey of reaching our goals.

Connect and Communicate

Part of becoming successful is sharing authentically and forming deep lasting relationships, whether personal or business. Connection gives life more meaning and purpose whilst also empowering each other. Effective Communication is a key to success and growth.

Support and Accountability

Our simple conventional and creative yet powerful Success Journey Process with The Your Goalfriend® Goal Coaching Card method along with the encouragement and accountability of The Your Goalfriend® you’ll be guided to reach your goals and experience more.

Transform and Conquer

When you align with other motivated, positive people you’ll transform. When you let go of the past, take action in the present and effectively plan and embrace the future then you will not only transform beyond your wildest dreams but also Conquer and live your truth and with purpose.

Hello, I am Nelda Leach, Your Goalfriend®

Meet Your Goalfriend®

Whether it is for YOU, YOUR BUSINESS or your STAFF, or just a project, Your Goalfriend® can help!


Your Goalfriend® Specialises in,

Building Presentations - Project Management - Customer Relations - Database Building - Sales - Cold Calling - Conducting Research - Social Media Analysis and Planning - Website Evaluation and Suggestions - Company Profile and Company Stationary Evaluation and Maintenance - Promotions - Sourcing of new Company Premises - Workshops - Meetings - Brand Ambassador - Representation, Customer Care - Campaigns - Any other custom company requirements.


Invest in your Staff

Taking Team Building to the next level. Creativity plays an important roll. Enhance your staff productivity by investing in them on a personal level as you build your team. Building Company morale after the pandemic is key to bring your operation back in alignment.
Team Building vs
Team Bonding
A Unique and a first of its kind Creative Workshop with Encaustic Wax Art Painting
with an Iron for Corporate Team Bonding - Half Day or Full Day Events - Coaching Exercises are included and tailored to company requirements.


Your Goalfriend® Success Journey

Have you ever wondered who you are or what you are doing with your life? Yep, I’ve been there! In these times of uncertainty, we all feel more vulnerable than ever before.
The Your Goalfriend® Goal Coaching Cards is a 30 week Success Journey that focusses on 9 Life Areas, 16 Possible Barriers and Blind Spots, 12 Action and 27 Success Journey Cards.
Your Goalfriend® Success Journey will Help You deal with the past, identify what the problem areas are and what the things are that is holding you back from achieving. It will teach you how to take action , how to Discover Your personal strengths, weaknesses and help you determine your Direction forward.


Recharge and Reset in Nature

Earth Manna - Inspired WoMen Country Retreat. Re-align and Restore Personal Strength and Resilience in Nature with a walk at the foot of the Swartberg, a mud bath, sound healing, the Worthy WoMen Workshop and Your Goalfriend® Success Journey. A life changing and unforgettable experience.

Business Development

Start-Up Businesses

Do you have a business idea and no clue where to start? Your Goalfriend® can assist in mentoring you. From a Business idea to Company Registration, Tax Registration, BEE Certificate and Trademark Registration, Business Structure, Paper Logistics and start-up Business Coaching. Starting a new Business shouldn't be stressful but rather exciting. Your Goalfriend® can help. *SA Government Compliance

Start a Mentoring Practice

Become an Accredited Mentor

Step into the world of Entrepreneurs. Let your 20+ years Experience be your Guide to Mentor others in your field of Expertise. It is never too late for a Career change. A SAQA Accredited Mentoring Journey will equip and qualify you to become a Mentor to others. Start your own Mentoring Practice. Completion and competent assessment of this course qualifies you to register with COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors Association of SA) Your Goalfriend® will Facilitate the Mentoring Journey and Coach you on how to start your own Practice.

Earth Manna Country Retreats

Reset in the Countryside

Sometimes we need to step out of our busyness and into a time of rest. Good old R&R. No better place than in nature and the Countryside. A 3 to 5-Day Retreat will change your course. Your Goalfriend® offers a combination of retreats. Don't delay to book your R&R.

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