About Me

Did you or your business come to the end of yourself, and you have no idea how to move forward?

Why not find your or your business’s direction forward, with the help of Your Goalfriend®?

I am Nelda Leach and I am Your Goalfriend®

For most of my working life, I had a successful Marketing and PR career within the Corporate and Tourism Industry. My life was full and busy with children, work, family, friends while also running a children’s ministry and part-time ventures to supplement my income. But at some point, I realised that I was doing so much for others and that something deep inside of me was missing and that success somehow kept on escaping me. I was not fulfilled and kept postponing my own dreams. Financial strain, marital challenges, and stress which caused health constraints at the time added unnecessary pressure to my life.

Whilst living from day to day, and losing everything I owned after my divorce years ago,  I came to the end of myself and had no idea how to  move forward.

Emotionally exhausted, I one night watched a movie called, “My Life Without Me starring Sarah Polley” halfway through the movie the main character who was diagnosed with a terminal illness and was given three months to live,  sat at a coffee shop table and wrote in her journal, “Things to do before I die” I will never forget those written words jumping into my face, as it was in that very moment that I realised the value of life and the importance of the choices we make, regardless of our circumstances. I suddenly felt at peace and realised what a blessing each new day holds. After all, no one can really say whether we have even three months. Why wait until we are being confronted with a dreadful situation.

Longing to find my own purpose and turn my dreams into reality, I wrote down my own “Things-to-do-before-I-die” list.

But writing it down wasn’t enough. I needed to find a way forward, to plan and to achieve my goals, and someone to help hold me accountable and to help me stretch my abilities, someone who could see what I couldn’t see at the time.. I had to change certain beliefs and habitual ways.. I had to let go of things of the past.  I reluctantly pursued the services of a mentor and life coach. This was by far the Beast decision that I could have made for myself. A whole new world of understanding myself opened up for me. I not only stepped into the world of Entrepreneurship but through the guidance of a life coach I was able to recognise my own strengths and weaknesses and was able to connect the dots in order to move forward with grace, confidence and success.

I loved the process of mentoring and coaching so much, that I soon enrolled for an accredited mentor and life coach qualification. Your Goalfriend®, was born  as a result.

Motivated to live a fulfilled and rewarding life, I combined my 30 years of experience and expertise with my Life Coaching in the aid to help individuals, business owners, businesses and their staff who came to the end of themselves, so that they too can find their direction and step into a purpose and productivity.

Whether your goals are personal, business or proje

     I am Nelda Leach and I am Your Goalfriend®

ct-driven, Your Goalfriend® has innovative ideas, solutions and tools to help make a difference. 30 years of hands-on experience in Sales, Marketing, Public & Customer Relations, Operation, Communication, Project and Event Management both in the Tourism Industry and in the Corporate sector has prepared me to offer any individual, small, medium or large companies the key to move forward and to achieve success. Let Your Goalfriend® be your Brand Ambassador. No project is too big or to small.


My Personal Values are:

Integrity – Inspire – Encourage – Creative – Effective Communication – Confidence – Empower