Nelda Leach’s Qualifications:

  • Your Goalfriend® Registered Trademark
  • Marketing, PR and Project Management Expert
  • Customer Care Brand Ambassador
  • Communications Strategist
  • Certified Master Life Coach;
  • Certified Life Coach;
  • Personal Breakthrough Experience Coach;
  • Values Coach;
  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach;
  • Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming;
  • Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner;
  • Mentor;
  • SETA Accredited Facilitator;
  • SETA Accredited Assessor;
  • Ordained Minister and Registered Marriage Officer
  • Member of COMENSA


Your Goalfriend® – Business Solutions:-

The company was launched by Nelda Leach, a recognised female industry veteran who brings to the table a wealth of expertise backed with 30 years of hands-on experience in Sales, Marketing, Public & Customer Relations, Operation, Communication, Project and Event Management both in the Tourism Industry and in the Private Corporate sector. 

Despite having a conventional approach, she is customer centric and has the ability to analyze, strategize, and provide innovative solutions to help any business, project, or individual to get new perspective. The key to her success is her problem solving skills combined with her Coaching and Mentoring approach. No project is too big or too small and her business is to help you or your business find direction and encourage growth. You can count on her to look after your customers as a Brand Ambassador.

Everyone needs a friend, but people who strive and seek success needs a Goalfriend:  someone who keeps you accountable, but most of all someone who has been in your shoes before and understands your needs.

As for your Business, well your business needs you, and together with Your Goalfriend® your business will be lined up for success.

The Your Goalfriend® Business Solutions, can help with Presentations, Creating Presentations and Presenting on your behalf – Ad Hoc Projects – Customer Relations – Database Building – Sales – Cold Calling – Research – Social Media Planning – Website Evaluation and Suggestions – Company Profile and Company Stationary Creation – Promotions – Sourcing of new Company Premises – Facilitating and planning –  Fill in with important Meetings – Being a Brand Ambassador – Representation – Helping with Campaigns – Any other requirements which may arise from discussion. Your Goalfriend® can also fill in on a Temporary basis for an Employee on long leave or absence.

Confidentiality is key and therefore it is my commitment to strictly adhere to company policies.

Your Goalfriend® Personal Growth:-

1) The Your Goalfriend® Personal Growth Programme:-

This Programme begins with Inner Healing and Forgiveness, through the Library of your Mind.  Discovering your Purpose and Finding your Truth by looking at your own Life’s Bigger Picture. Ultimately, understanding oneself.  Coaching and mentoring naturally form part as the sessions progress. This Programme can be tailored to suit your business needs as well. This is generally a 6 weeks to a 3 month journey.

2) The Your Goalfriend® Creative Team Building / Team Bonding:-

The Worthy WoMen Masterclass is a powerful personal development and personal growth masterclass often used for Team Building and Team Bonding, facilitated with a creative Encaustic Wax Art demonstration and participation and has a great impact, in many areas of your life, and is a great class for men and women, individuals, and or corporates.  It is an absolute must if you want to inspire, motivate, and build your organisation’s morale. You will experience a full day of personal breakthroughs that will impact all areas of your life. It is by far the ultimate life-changing experience full of realisations.

3) The Your Goalfriend® Success Journey

The Success Journey consists of a 30 week coaching programme – 9 Life Areas, 16 Possible Barriers and Blind Spots, 12 Action Cards and 27 Success Journey Cards will help you identify where things went wrong and it helps you determine what action needs to take place to get to a place of reset. The success Journey is a very structured but creative way to let go of the past in order to reset in the present and to embrace the future by structured and realistic events. An absolute fantastic way to personal growth.

Individual Coaching and Mentoring sessions will ensure confidentiality, and allow one to reach your own true potential.

Any Programme or Masterclass can be tailored to suit your organisation’s needs and requirements.

Your Goalfriend® Life Coaching

When you seek direction in life then Nelda has a large toolbox with methods and exercises to help you to get from where you are now to where you need to be. Nelda incorporates, NLP Life Coaching as well as Time Line Therapy™, Values Coaching, Personal Breakthrough Experience, including her own specialised strategies  with her Goalfriend Success Journey, which lovingly identify possible barriers and distractions from the past in 9 different life areas, action the now and strategically embrace the future.

Your Goalfriend® Mentoring

Whatever it is you need or want to do, Nelda knows HOW, and if she doesn’t then she makes it her business to find out. She will go the extra mile. Nelda has a natural ability to encourage and inspire and will journey with you until you have reached your goal. Be sure that coaching along the way is a given. Nelda has mentored people not only to start and develop their own businesses, but various other journeys such a opening an Air BnB, auditioning for SA Championships for Performing Arts, and attending the Championships amongst numerous others.