Did you know that Your Goalfriend™ can also guide you with ideas, and goal setting for almost any project?

Being Mentored/Coached to:- Examples include:

  • Business – Company registration;
  • Trademark name;
  • New business ideas;
  • Business ideas aligned with your life purpose;
  • New business plan;
  • Existing business ideas;
  • Branding and marketing your business;
  • Projects in and around the house; and
  • Events.

No project too big or too small, Your Goalfriend™ will help you figure it out.



Leadership Development

True leaders have a solid foundation of understanding themselves. They have brilliant relationships and can communicate effectively; they are true role models and can lead and inspire a team. For Leadership Development, Your Goalfriend™ offers a three-day Accredited Programme with a free follow-up coaching session.

Personal and Leadership Development Programme – Life Skills Course – A BrightStar Lifestyle product.

The Personal and Leadership Development course/programme prepares you to understand and have a better awareness of yourself and your leadership abilities. This CORE BrightStar product is accredited with the ETDP SETA, with 12 credits, and NQF Level 4.  The Modules are:

Module 1: Brilliant Self

  • Thoughts, Responsibility
  • Values
  • Self-Worth
  • Life Purpose
  • Priorities

Module 2: Brilliant Relationships

  • Manage your Emotions
  • Lemon Leadership
  • Communication
  • Resolve Conflict
  • Be True to Yourself

Module 3: Brilliant Leadership

  • Building Teams
  • Planning
  • Empower
  • Role Model

Inspiring CPD points are available for various occupations as well as company rebates for Skills Development. The duration of the Personal and Leadership Development course/programme is 18 hours/three days. (Six hours per module) This will include a growth conversation, four weeks after the course. A Portfolio of Evidence for accreditation will be explained and guidance will be given.

After completion of the three-day Brightstar Programme, participants will be able to:

  • Take responsibility for their decisions in life;
  • Be aware of their own values and how it influences their decisions and life;
  • Know their own self-worth and understand what self-respect means;
  • Know how to prioritise action plans to achieve their life-purpose;
  • Understand different behavioural styles – their own as well as the team’s;
  • Draw on methods to control their emotions;
  • Communicate for understanding;
  • Keep the argument out of the disagreement;
  • Establish personal boundaries;
  • Plan strategically;
  • Be a good role model;
  • Understand team dynamics and identify where they are currently in the team;
  • Use skills to motivate others;
  • Gain skills to empower the team;
  • Receive formal recognition of success at work;
  • Change their career direction as the route of career development is flexible;
  • Receive a nationally accepted qualification, independent of the training provider
  • Gain the incentive for achievement;
  • Immediately apply knowledge and skills in the job.

Course Prices

Brightstar Personal and Leadership Development

Three full days – 18 Hours – R3250 plus R400 accreditation

Kindly note:

Full payment for the course needs to be made two weeks before the course starts. This ensures the manuals and accreditation materials for the course are ordered, paid for, and delivered in time. All courses are presented according to the BrightStar Lifestyle and SETA requirements.


Looking to Change your career?, then consider being an Accredited Mentor.

Your Goalfriend™ will train you, help you with your accreditation, and help build your Mentoring Practice.


This Programme is designed to empower you to become an excellent mentor, in your own field of expertise.

The programme consists of 3 Modules and 15 Themes. It is accredited with the ETDP SETA, with 3 Credits, and is SAQA, NQF Level 4. The Duration is a total of 18 Hours/3 Full Days, formal class time. You will receive your POE Pack (Portfolio of Evidence) for completion and submission no later than 6 weeks after your course. Guidance and support can be provided; however, the student’s own work and homework is required and important, for SETA Assessment and Candidate’s Competence. Thus, a practical recorded session is part of your non class hours for completion and assessment Themes.

Completion and competent assessment of this course qualifies you to register with COMENSA, at your own cost. (Coaches and Mentors Association of SA) – Relevant contact information can be provided by myself.

The Modules and Themes are as follows:

Module 1 – Brilliant Mentorship


Theme 1 – Destination

Theme 2 – Expanding my Capacity

Theme 3 – Roles and Responsibilities and Character of the Mentor

Theme 4 – Roles and Responsibilities and character of the Mentee

Theme 5 – Models of Mentoring

Module 2 – Brilliant Mentor


Theme 6 – Self Evaluation

Theme 7 – Attitude

Theme 8 – Inner Governance

Theme 9 – Goals

Theme 10 – Perspective

Module 3 – Brilliant Mentoring


Theme 11 – Communication

Theme 12 – Active Listening

Theme 13 – Mentoring in Practice

Theme 14 – Mentoring Contracts and plans

Theme 15 – Take Responsibility

Additional Material:

Annexure 1 – Mentoring Action Plan

Annexure 2 – Template for Setting Smarter Goals

Annexure 3 – Things and suggestions to do with your Mentees

Brightstar Mentor Programme

3 Full Days – 18 Hours – R3250 plus R400 Accreditation

Training Facility – Muizenberg Cape Town – Light Lunch with morning and afternoon tea included. Accommodation is also available at extra cost.

This programme can also be done online.